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Analysis of the Difference between Woodworking Engraving Machine Carving and Manual Carving

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Analysis of the difference between woodworking engraving machine carving and manual carving


From ancient times to the present, the art of carving has been closely related to our lives. From furniture decoration to craft jewelry, carving art can be seen everywhere. At present, the use of woodworking engraving machines is becoming more and more popular, and more carving crafts have changed from manual to automation, and gradually To replace the trend of hand-carving, today we will understand the difference between these two carving processes


Different engraving effects


The woodworking engraving machine embossing production engraving software designs the engraving path, and then enters it into the computer for automatic engraving, so the details of the engraving are neat and unified. Whether it is a flower plate or a cloud bead, each place has the same size, and it does not look any different , The machine is suitable for mass production, making furniture manufacturing more refined and perfect.

The accuracy and efficiency of hand-carving is not as good as woodworking engraving machine, but hand-carving also has its own unique advantages. It can "pass through the branches" to carry out multi-layer open-carving, making the carved workpiece look more vibrant.



Different engraving efficiency

Compared with hand-carving, the processing efficiency and precision of woodworking engraving are unmatched by hand-carving. Some people will choose woodworking engraving machine to engrave and then use manual modification, which can make the engraving efficiency and precision higher.



Different engraving details

Compared with hand-carving, woodworking engraving machine embossing has the same depth, the transition point is smoother, the depth of hand-carving is different, and the carving depth is also limited.


For example, when carving the Dapeng wings, the woodworking engraving machine can produce engraving in large quantities, and the finished product has exactly the same engraving effect. It can show the power of the bird's wings. At the same time, it has the feeling of calling, which can save more time. Hand-carved, although it can be shaped, the lines are undulating, and the overall three-dimensional, but a little careless, the depth of the sculpture will affect the overall beauty of the picture.


Development trend of engraving machine industry

It is undeniable that the embossing production of woodworking engraving machine will make the mahogany furniture market trend and prompt the mahogany furniture industry to adapt to survival quickly. The classification of mahogany furniture has been replaced by the exquisite CNC woodworking engraving machine furniture carving, which continues to occupy the high-end market. What can survive the tide of woodworking engraving machine embossing production must be hand-carved boutique products, from style to workmanship, like top luxury goods, embodying insurmountable manual craftsmanship, occupying the highest-end market of mahogany furniture. To be loved by experts and collectors.



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