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China CNC Market Overview

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In China, CNC is a relatively mature automation product, but it still has great market potential.

 Most CNC products have adopted a modular structure and a dedicated LSI to improve integration, reliability, reduce volume and cost. The continuous development of new functions in interpolation, acceleration and deceleration, compensation, automatic programming, graphic display, communication, control and diagnosis is the main trend of its technological development

 In most cases, CNC will adopt the sales method of channel distribution. There is no replacement product for CNC. High-speed and highly-integrated processors (chips) are the main power electronic devices in the field of CNC. At present, most of them rely on foreign imports. Domestic powerful suppliers such as Guangzhou CNC have invested in independent intellectual property rights research and development and obtained certain results.


 From the perspective of industry: CNC is almost all used for CNC machine tools, and the industry application is relatively single.

 From the perspective of regional distribution: China's economic center-East China and South China are also the main shipping points of CNC. These two markets occupy 2/3 of the entire CNC market.

 From the perspective of competition, there are many CNC manufacturers in China, among which Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Guangzhou CNC and Huazhong CNC are the top five in terms of market share. Each of these five manufacturers has its own characteristics and advantages.


In the next five years, we expect the CNC market to maintain an average annual growth rate of over 20%.

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