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Detailed introduction of CNC six-sided drilling machine

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With the development of science and technology, the cutting and punching equipment for panel furniture is constantly being innovated, and the functions of the equipment are constantly being improved. The emergence of CNC six-sided drill solves the problem of comprehensive hole position in the production of panel furniture wardrobes and cabinets, which makes the panel furniture production line truly automated and streamlined.

In terms of processing efficiency, since the laser side hole machine is still manually turned, the labor intensity of the workers is still very large, and the pipeline operation is inconsistent. Using CNC six-sided drilling, the plate furniture production line truly realizes automation and assembly line operations. The ordinary cutting machine is equipped with a side hole machine, and it can process an average of about 60 sheets in 8 hours a day. With five-sided drills or six-sided drills, it can process an average of about 120 boards for 8 hours a day.

As the name implies, the six-sided drill is a CNC drilling and machining center that can complete the processing of the front and back sides of the processed parts and all the positions of the four side holes at once. There is no need to manually pick up the board in the middle, which has high precision and saves labor! The front end is used with high-end CNC cutting machine or electronic cutting saw to truly realize the intelligent production of panel furniture.

CNC six-sided drill is used for the drilling and slotting of CNC furniture. It is characterized by one-time positioning, which can be fully automatic drilling and slotting. It has high processing efficiency and good precision. It is particularly good at the production and processing of customized furniture; It is mainly used for woodworking electronic cutting saws or panel furniture CNC cutting machines. Generally, it is supported by panel furniture cutting machines. The front end only cuts the material, and the back end has more holes and slots. Under normal circumstances, a CNC cutting machine is just matched. A six-sided drill is especially suitable for the production and processing of customized furniture shaped plates;

Through-type six-sided drilling, its bed and gantry are fixed, double-clamp clamping plate high-speed relative movement, one-position automatic processing of all holes and slots; no need to turn the plate processing, simple and efficient operation; six-sided drilling after the discharge system , Supporting rotary conveyor belts and industrial robots, can be connected with other equipment to achieve automation, intelligent production and processing; can achieve customized panel furniture efficient production.


Applicable industry: mainly used in panel furniture and whole house custom furniture industry.

Applicable materials: particle board, particle board, multi-layer solid wood board, joinery board, solid wood board, etc.

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