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How can growth-oriented custom furniture companies effectively reduce error rates?

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Regardless of whether it is private customization or engineering customization, custom furniture has occupied the mainstream of the market. Over 80% of urban households choose custom furniture in the next 5 years, and the market space is very huge.


However, the high error rate is a common problem for custom furniture companies, and is always a pain in the minds of custom furniture companies, especially for custom furniture companies that are in the growing stage.

Since high error rate is a common problem in custom furniture companies, why hasn't there been a good solution for many years. Some experts believe that the reasons may have two aspects:


First,there is an essential difference between customized enterprises and standardized production enterprises. Customized production itself is a production method that meets the needs of customers, but customer needs vary greatly, resulting in uncertain production arrangements, so errors in customized production are often inevitable;


Second, the visibility of products such as custom furniture is not high. For example, if the TV is bought at home, as long as the sound and picture are normal, most customers will be satisfied; but custom furniture is closely related to people's lives and needs to be used frequently, so a little bit Small problems are often discovered.



                                             Common errors in custom furniture


Some custom furniture dealers start to worry about the installation, whether the installation can be successful at once, whether there will be problems with the details, and whether the factory can solve the problem in time.


In fact, most customers' acceptance will not be accepted according to the national industry quality standards. The main problem for customers to find trouble is to find low-level errors of products. Custom furniture products customers can find low-level errors mainly in the following aspects:


Product parts "lack of This and That"

The installer’s greatest fear at the installation site is to open the package. When assembling the cabinet, one part cannot be installed. The customer can easily know it, which will directly affect the customer’s delivery time and may delay the customer’s plan to relocate the new house. If the factory fails to ship in time, it may cause the store to default.


Color error or obvious color difference

If the customer finds that a set of cabinets have two colors, it is definitely not necessary. The reason for the color error should generally be that the factory purchases plates that are different batches of plates with color difference, which is caused by the lack of strict control when the production plan is arranged. There are also some companies that do not have the PMC concept, and workers access materials at will, causing the boards to get the wrong color.


The hole position of the board is wrong

The hole position error is a higher-level error in the custom furniture factory. To solve the hole position error, the process design must be standardized, classified, and the equipment is punched and solidified to reduce the hole position error. Now large and medium-sized enterprises are introducing CNC equipment, It is also a direction to solve the error!


Product parts conflict

The drawer is pulled out to block the door hinge, the sliding door, the door and the door line or even the wall. Sometimes the hardware drawer in the cabinet conflicts with the hinge. The installer has to change the position of the door hinge, leaving the hinge hole hollow is very ugly.



Reasons for the error rate of customized furniture


There are many reasons for errors in custom furniture companies. Many people think that custom furniture errors are factory errors. In fact, custom product errors should be caused by system errors, process errors, and management out of control. From the perspective of industry analysis, there are roughly the following: Several reasons:




There are no rules for store sales orders

The customer's needs are not guided to the requirements of facilitating factory production. In order to accept orders, many growing enterprises will only agree as long as the customer makes a request. Some non-standard requirements are handled by the factory is very troublesome.


Insufficient communication in plan review, order placement and production scheduling

Drawing an order is a key process for converting design requirements into production requirements information. It requires professional personnel to check and communicate in detail and clearly; in a period when the product technology system of a growing enterprise is not perfect and the level of technical personnel is difficult to improve in the short term, strengthen review The order placement in the chart is the most effective way to reduce production errors.



Workers' professional level

The professional level of workshop workers is the key to determining product quality and reducing errors. No matter how intelligent the equipment will be in the future, it must still rely on humans to operate. To some extent, the professional level of workers determines the effectiveness of the equipment.


Equipment matching and adjustment

Custom furniture factory production units are different, and the required equipment is different. The fewer the number of adjustments, the more precise the size and the higher the efficiency of the custom furniture factory production equipment, this requires multiple equipment to cooperate with each other. It is recommended to grow equipment It can be miniaturized and multiple units.



Effective measures to reduce the error rate


Establish enterprise error reduction system

Use case analysis or analysis of error points to form a manual to prevent problem points that often make mistakes and train relevant personnel, especially new employees, only to continuously summarize the cause of the error, analyze the problem of the error, form an experience to reduce the error, and summarize Only circumvention can take the initiative to reduce errors.


Establish an information management system

Most of the errors in custom furniture are errors in information transmission. The best way to solve this problem is to use an information system. At present, the standardized enterprise information management system of software companies on the market can only solve part of the management problems. A better way It is the combination of existing mature management software to develop a customized enterprise management system, and the data connection can quickly solve the problem of enterprise management informatization.



Establish a team working mechanism

Part of the errors in custom furniture are the errors that occur in the process. The more processes, the more monitoring and control links are required. The more people working in the same process, the greater the chance of management errors. You can try to convert the large group into Small teams not only reduce errors but also reduce the difficulty of managing employees.

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