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How to Choose a Panel Furniture CNC Cutting Machine?

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Looking back at the development of the panel furniture industry, from the initial precision saw to the electronic cutting saw to the CNC cutting machine that has emerged in recent years, and now to the entire panel furniture production line, it can be described as rapid development.


However, with the development of the industry, although many furniture factories have used CNC equipment to replace traditional production methods, but due to lack of understanding of CNC equipment, how to choose a plate furniture cutting machine has become a concern for many furniture factory owners today. Let's get to know how to choose the panel furniture cutting machine.


First of all, you need to choose a specialized large-scale factory. The CNC blanking machine requires very high precision, speed, and stability of the machine. The processing requirements of the ordinary engraving machine are relatively simple and cannot meet the technological requirements of the CNC blanking machine. Therefore, a professional manufacturer of CNC blanking machine should be selected. In this way, technology, process and product quality are guaranteed, and after-sales service of later equipment is also guaranteed.



Cutting machine's tool bodyThe plate-type furniture cutting machine tool body adopts heavy-duty bed, the gantry adopts thickened gantry, and the column is a square steel column. In the selection of the bed, the material opening machine is more strict, because compared with other engraving machines, the speed of the material opening machine is fast, then it must ensure that the bed gantry column has a sufficient thickness to reduce the common vibration, so as to effectively avoid the collapse of the plate furniture Side issue.




Cuting machine's tableThe table furniture cutting machine table all adopt vacuum adsorption table, equipped with a high-power vacuum pump, so as to effectively ensure the adsorption force and avoid running the board during the running process.



【Cutting machine's main spindleThe main shaft of the plate furniture cutting machine adopts the air-cooled 6KW main shaft, which can be switched freely. In the process of opening the board, almost all are completed with one knife. In order to save time, there will not be a layered engraving process. Whether it is edge trimming, punching, grooving, or cutting, it needs one knife to complete. The choice is to use high-power air-cooled cutting spindle.




Driving machine's drive The plate furniture cutting machine requires relatively high accuracy of engraving, so the choice of driving motor is also much higher than other engraving machines. Most of the advertising engraving machines, stone engraving machines, etc., use a stepping drive motor as the driving motor, so in the selection of the cutting machine, the minimum matching of the driving motor should also use a hybrid servo, the higher end is servo, pure servo , Absolute value servo, etc.; choose servo drive, the machine will achieve the best results in tuning, material optimization, and engraving process.




Cutting machine's systemPanel furniture opening machine system, genuine NC Studio control system, Zotye control system, LNC control system, Syntec control system, etc. The opening machine system mostly uses LNC and Syntec control system. Several systems support manual pushing, automatic feeding, vacuum pump, one-key control of vacuum cleaner, tool setting instrument, manual analog DSP etc. The optimization is more balanced, the customer experience is better, the performance is stable, easy to operate, and can be used for a long time.


All in all, the selection of the panel furniture cutting machine should be considered comprehensively. From the manufacturer to the hardware strength, software strength and the after-sales service ability of the manufacturer, they have a crucial role in the equipment purchaser's later equipment use.

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