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How to Maintain a CNC Machine?

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Are you looking for CNC machines for sale? Proper maintenance of your CNC Machines will save production time and prevent machinery failures. CNCs are very avant-garde machines with the ability to make the most complex machining tasks easier.


To maximise output, CNC machines must be properly maintained by human operators. Otherwise, most components are subject to premature wear and tears. Here’s how to prolong durability and ensure the efficacy of your CNC machines.

Be disciplined with regular maintenance schedule

Establish routine schedule maintenance and be disciplined about it. This helps to identify potential problems before they become full-blown breakdowns. If you use your CNC machine regularly, look out for grime and scrap material build-up on the exterior. Wipe down your machine with a rag daily, to keep it looking new. Cleaning and wiping your machines removes residue and debris that could trigger mechanical issues in the future.

Keep records

Unscheduled machinery breakdowns can increase your repair and replacement budget by 5 times. Between waiting for spare parts shipment and wasted hours, you lose huge profits. Keep a record of your equipment’s maintenance history. This will help you to identify recurring problems, machinery expenditure and pending repairs. You are also able to diagnose any mechanical issues in the future with ease. Talk to technicians who work on the machines daily and highlight the importance of keeping records. Also, ensure your employees know where to report any alarming discovery from the reports.

Monitor machines’ fluids and grease the moving parts

CNC machines depend on fluids including hydraulic fluid and lubricants. Ensure that you replace these fluids regularly, with reference to your machine’s manual. Keep an eye on your machine to make certain that it is not consuming fluids faster than required. You will also need to grease the moving parts of your machine periodically, to prevent excessive wear and tear. You will be surprised how much you will save from proper management of fluids.

Always have spare parts ready

What if you have a mechanical issue or breakdown in the middle of production? Waiting for spare parts to be shipped it might take time, which lowers output and costs money. That is why you need to have spare parts on hand, especially for parts that are prone to breakdown. Before rushing to purchase CNC machines for sale, make sure they also have spare parts.

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