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Introduction to The Production Process of Modern Panel Furniture

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Introduction to The Production Process of Modern Panel Furniture

With the development of modern production technology, civilian furniture production equipment is increasingly updated. Based on the principle of high efficiency and environmental protection, our MARS CNC independently develops and produces a series of dedicated panel, solid wood and composite furniture production equipment. In line with the national ISO90001 quality system certification, production and development in accordance with GB standards.


The following is the main production process of panel furniture (customized for the whole house).


Interior home improvement electronic drawing design (Programming for plate cutting)


According to the requirements of this batch of furniture production, the special numerical control software is used to cut and typeset the plates and process the installation hole positions on the computer to optimize the utilization rate of the plates, reduce costs and reduce consumption.



Cutting process of raw material plates

The board with the size of 122MM*244MM (the thickness can be various) is the raw material of panel furniture. Take the four-process CNC cutting machine as an example to perform cutting and drilling operations. The machine cooperates with the set material opening software to process and produce according to the program. The equipment uses a vacuum adsorption method to fix the material and is processed by a special tool. The production is equipped with a professional vacuum cleaner for vacuuming, and the machine has multiple vacuum treatments (during processing with the knife vacuum pipe, the pusher is the small beam suction port, the large scrap collection port in the front section of the fuselage) and finally all gathered in the waste storage bag in. Reduce the dust to within the standard. The drive motor of the equipment is protected by a protective cover, the main shaft is wrapped by a protective cover and a dust suction pipe, and the vacuum pump and other pipes are drawn from the inside of the bed, which reduces noise well and reaches industry standards.


Finished plate side hole processing

There is a fully automatic laser side machine for processing. The working principle of the equipment is that the laser infrared sensor detects the corresponding empty position on the front of the plate, and then automatically recognizes the side hole feed processing. It can be processed only by checking the diameter and depth of the hole to be processed in advance. The moving parts are fenced, and the workpiece is compressed pneumatically. Firm and clean.



Finished board edge banding operation

After the board removal margin processing program is completed, the side edge banding operation must be performed. It is processed by a special automatic edge banding machine. All procedures of the equipment are processed by a closed processing warehouse, fully automatic one-key control, safe and stable.



Sheet laminating operation

It is thought that the cabinet door panel has the corresponding engraving process, so vacuum laminating operation is required. Carry out the full package process. This equipment consists of two stations, which are mainly based on the principle of energy saving. There is one station before and after all designs. The entire processing process is in the airtight coating layer, smokeless and tasteless.



On-site installation

Professional installation workers bring the finished boards processed above to the site for installation. All the connection spaces are processed in advance in the factory, and the workers only need to use connectors to imprison the connection as required. There is no noise and construction during the whole process.


The above is the whole process of panel furniture production


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