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Lamello is so popular, but do you really understand her ?

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Recently, the custom-made furniture circle is Lamello. It is an invisible connecting piece of wooden furniture originating in Switzerland. It is different from the three-in-one connector we are familiar with. Its shape is quite different from it and processing. The way is also different, but it realizes the features of invisible connection, non-porous board surface, simple assembly and stable structure that cannot be realized by three-in-one. Lamello has P10, P14, P15, P18 and other series. For customized furniture, the best way to realize the invisible (beautiful) connection and simple assembly is Mix multiple models of Lamello together in a complete integrated cabinet product. Just like the diamond gourd baby, there are 7 gourd babies, each one can't rescue the grandpa alone, but the 7 into one to release the stunt and rescue the grandpa.

Why do we say that? From the national conditions and industry overview, if a full set of lamello installation is implemented in a comprehensive cabinet, the price of the Lamello connector itself is relatively expensive, which will inevitably cause the cost of the enterprise to increase, although this Part of the cost can be passed on to consumers to a certain extent, but in the face of the current fierce competition environment, it is difficult for consumers to pay for this. Unlike the traditional three-in-one connector, which is not beautiful enough, requires high assembly requirements, the tolerances of parts are large and slow assembly speed. Lamello connected wardrobes can save the country with curves, with all non-perforated panel surface and easy assembly, etc., firmly grasp the consumer's psychology of singularity, thus bringing new business to the custom furniture factory growth point.


Therefore, in the industry, there are already leading manufacturers that mix two-in-one, three-in-one and Lamello. For example, some small and need to be punched on the back plates,  like,the foot line, the top line, and the pull bar always use three-in-one connector and Lamello is used for structural panels such as outer frames and vertical plates to achieve a win-win situation in cost control and product upgrades. This is a realistic and feasible solution in China. However, to achieve such an effect, we must start with the supporting technology. This approach is obviously undesirable if we just want to use pirated software to draw a picture, use a four-process opening machine to pull a slot, and finally insert the Lamello on the four sides to assemble the finished product, not to mention that the structure and use of the cabinet are hundreds of thousands, but also to meet the personalized needs of today's consumers. Only a mold can't reproduce the perfect product after all.

 And this approach cannot achieve the iterative update of products and the sustainable development of the enterprise. It is struggling for every owner Whether it is just to open a workshop to meet the momentary selfish desires, run after making money, or build a respectable one that can bring happiness and warm to every customer. But, your first lesson is to keep up with industry trends and working hard on products to complete a gorgeous transformation.

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