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Troubleshooting For The Tool Magazine of Machining Center

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The tool magazine and automatic tool changer are the most frequently operated parts of the entire CNC machining center, especially the processing of complex workpieces. The processing tools involved may be dozens or even dozens. The entire machining process of the workpiece requires a tool magazine and automatic change. The knife device runs continuously.


Generally speaking, the faults of the tool magazine and the automatic tool changer mainly include the wrong sequence number of the spindle tool catching, the spindle tool dropping and the tool changing system cannot catch the tool, the tool tray does not rotate, the tool magazine cannot enter and exit, and the spindle stops accurately. There are several abnormal situations such as misalignment, let us understand the details together:

  • When the spindle stops accurately

The exact stop of the spindle is a function that controls the spindle of the machining center to stop at a fixed position when it stops. When the spindle exact stop is misaligned, it can be solved by the following methods:

First, you can adjust the quasi-stop position in the CNC numerical control system, or you can open the headstock shell to disconnect the spindle from the motor belt, and you can adjust the quasi-stop position by turning the spindle by hand.

  • Spindle grabbing serial number is disorder

When the tool magazine grabs the tool serial number in the process of the machining center, the tool can be removed from the spindle and the tool sleeve can be transferred to the tool change position. The specific operations are as follows:

Firstly adjust the parameters to the counter in the CNC numerical control system of the machine tool, then input the tool magazine capacity value in the counter PRESET, and then input the current tool position parameter, after adjusting to the data table item, input the tool magazine capacity value +1 in OFFDATA Value, finally press the FGDATA soft key, DO to Dn input 0 to (corresponding tool number) in sequence.

  • The spindle has a tool drop and cannot hold the tool

There are many factors in the situation that the spindle of the machining center has a tool drop and the machine cannot grasp the tool. You can check from the following situations:

First check whether the air pump pressure is normal and whether there is any air leakage, especially to check whether the cylinder piston and cylinder seals are intact, then check whether the gripper claw of the automatic tool changer is open, and if necessary, adjust whether the screw under the claw cylinder is pressed The upper end of the gripper claw and the adjustment of the butterfly spring on the upper end of the gripper claw.

  • The situation of the collision failure

The tool collision in the tool magazine of the machining center is very serious, which not only causes serious problems for the tool, the machine tool itself, and the workpiece. When we are investigating the main reasons for knife collision, we must focus on the following considerations:

First, check whether the signal of the spindle clamping tool is normal, whether it is caused by the sudden loss of the spindle while the machine tool is still feeding, and secondly, check whether the clamping solenoid valve is working normally, and check whether it is used during programming. Tool length compensation is caused by selecting a non-plane command.

  • When the cutter head cannot be turned

The reason why the tool magazine cannot rotate may be caused by the thermal protection tripping in the electric cabinet, or it may be caused by the too heavy drive of the tool magazine cutter head. If not, check the mechanical transmission problem.

Seeing this, MARS reminds everyone that after buying the equipment, you must remember to maintain it on time; the configuration of the equipment is important, but the usual maintenance and maintenance are also important. Careful maintenance can greatly improve the service life of the equipment.

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