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Unmanned intelligent high-end panel furniture production line

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In recent years, major global economies have vigorously promoted the revival of manufacturing. In the upsurge of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and cloud computing, many excellent manufacturing companies around the world have launched smart factory construction practices.


At present, China's manufacturing enterprises are facing enormous pressure for transformation. On the one hand, factors such as the rapid rise in labor costs, overcapacity, fierce competition, and growing customer demand for personalization have forced manufacturing companies to shift from low-cost competitive strategies to establish differentiated competitive advantages. At the factory level, manufacturing companies are faced with the difficulty of recruiting workers and the huge pressure of lack of professional technicians. They must achieve staff reductions and increase efficiency, and there is an urgent need to promote the construction of smart factories. On the other hand, emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, collaborative robots, additive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and machine vision are rapidly emerging, providing good technical support for manufacturing companies to promote the construction of smart factories. Coupled with the strong support of the national and local governments, more and more large and medium-sized enterprises in various industries have started the journey of building smart factorie




Some furniture factory owners blindly purchase automated equipment and automated production lines. Many manufacturing companies still believe that the promotion of smart factories is automation and robotization, blindly pursuing "black lamp factories", promoting the transformation of single-station robots, and implementing rigid automatic production lines that can only process or assemble a single product. Only pay attention to the purchase of high-end CNC equipment, but it is not equipped with the corresponding software system.

The smart factory is based on the digital factory, using the Internet of Things technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management services, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce the manual intervention of the production line, and plan the schedule reasonably. At the same time, it integrates preliminary intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies into one, building an efficient, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly and comfortable humanization


Smart factories already have autonomous capabilities to collect, analyze, judge, and plan; make inferences and predictions through overall visual technology, and use simulation and multimedia technology to augment the reality to show the design and manufacturing process. Each component in the system can form the best system structure by itself, with the characteristics of coordination, reorganization and expansion. The system has the ability of self-learning and self-maintenance. Therefore, the smart factory realizes the coordination and cooperation between humans and machines, and its essence is human-computer interaction.


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