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Why Are There Fewer and Fewer CNC Operators? The Original Problem Lies Here

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Ten years ago, I had to rush to learn CNC without a salary. How about now? Let us take a look at the changes of CNC people.

Technology is really important in the past few years. At that time, the job was not as easy to find as now. If there is no diploma and no technology, it becomes more difficult to enter the factory, so many people with low culture begin to think and learn A technology.

At that time, learning technology was mainly based on numerical control, and numerical control was mainly based on lathes, grinders, and drilling machines. To be honest, operating NC machines was a dream of many technical controls at that time, because NC was compared with traditional lathes, grinders, and milling machines. , More tall, clean and relaxed.

At the factory at that time, many apprentices were unpaid. However, it was still not so easy to find such a job to learn technology. It was experienced by most relatives and friends to introduce apprentices to the factory after 1980s. The status of the apprenticeship is very low, and the hard work of the dirty work almost has to be covered by the master. It is normal to study for a few years.

Of course, what we are most looking forward to is a better master, but not everyone will be so lucky, some masters have bad temper, some masters are pretentious, some masters bully others, some don’t even teach directly. For apprentices it was a dark day.

Now that the times have changed, CNC operators have become scarce.


CNC manipulator, also called CNC operator. Have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer CNC masters now? However, many people who have been operating for a few years have learned programming, why no one wants to stay in the position of operating a machine?

      Where is the sad reminder of CNC operation posts

1. Many people who do mold processing need to work in two shifts (night shift), often the biological clock is reversed, staying up late to hurt the body

2. Most of the working hours are long, most of them start in ten hours, and there is no time for the meeting.

3. Generally, there is no holiday, and the monthly rest of the outside processing shop is only 1 to 2 days, and there are even weekends.

4. A word is dirty, and the coolant, motor oil, and dirty clothes washing machine are all discarded.

5. There is a certain degree of danger, and all kinds of machining accidents on the Internet look horrified.

6. It's cold in winter and hot in summer. Who knows who does it? Very few companies will deploy constant temperature workshops.


      In your CNC career, you may meet some grumpy masters who like to curse people at every turn, often unbearable. In the CNC circle, many masters are made from apprentices. Most of these masters are too focused on technical operations and are not good at describing them in words, so they may be a little uncomfortable at first.

      CNC Operator Industry Status

     Therefore, many mechanical mold enterprises and processing shops are hiring CNC operators with high salary, but it is still difficult to recruit. Many have to recruit new hands to cultivate, and the salary is not very low. As before, the wages for learning CNC are very low. You have to manage and control, without wages, and work hard. Not the same now, times have changed, and CNC operators have become scarce talents.


Not all the status is described in the article, but it objectively reflects the hardship of the position of CNC operator. As a CNC operator, you should not be troubled. In the future, with the development of technology, the conditions will be improved, don’t worry too much. You can improve your abilities to usher in your best self. Come on!

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