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Product Advantages

Focus but not widely: professional production of stone and woodworking carving equipment

Original import: Main control system, Servo motor and other accessories have cooperated with Taiwan Syntec, Taiwan Delta, Japan Yaskawa, Germany Siemens, Italy Osai, Shanghai Weihong directly for many years, which is easy to learn and operate.


Fast production time: regular models can be finished within 7-10 working days, customized machines can be finished within 20-25 working days.


Affordable price: Among the same scale, history, and positioning, our equipment is cost-effective and meets the budget and expectations of mid-end & high-end customers.


High value: reject fake brand accessories, reject low-end quality, quality always comes first


Full product certification: European CE certification, African COO certification, International ISO9001-2008 standard

Technical Advantages

After-sales service guarantee: one year warranty and lifetime maintenance principle


Professional team: Professional engineers will periodically research and develop the latest technology, discuss the problems in the working process of customers, and give customers the maximum support.


Innovation: Several new models will be launched every year to meet market and customer needs

Market Advantage

Reliable brand: MARS Woodworking Machine, BOIRO Stone Machine, and Golden Eagle Carving Machine have high market recognition, good brand reputation, and high domestic market share. Basically, customers in the furniture door industry know that it is from MARS


Long history: Focus on CNC router machine industry for 16 years, customers in 22 provinces, 78 cities in China; 35 countries globally


Strong flexibility: Single machine, Production line equipment, one-stop service can provide, can be customized according to customer personalized and diversified needs


A wide range of services: MARS products sell well both home and abroad, also popular in the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Italy, Poland, Spain, Russia, Turkey, India markets

Management Advantages

Positioning of the company: mainly high-end customers


Business strategy: To develop new markets, we should focus on agents to radiate, develop secondary agents, and collect feedback from end customers to open the terminal market


Corporate philosophy: intelligent control of the future, efficient interpretation; carefully crafted, quality always first

Strategic Planning

Expand brand influence: At present, the awareness of the Ares brand in the market is high, but the awareness of the Baodiao and Golden Eagle brands is not high enough. In the next 3-5 years, create a brand with the same high recognition as the Ares


Sales exceeded one billion: sales exceeded 500 million in the next three years, 800 million in five years, and one billion in ten years


Leading position in the industry: At present, it ranks first in Anhui engraving machine industry, maintains a competitive position, faces the whole country, rushes to the world, and creates a new banner for China's engraving machine industry

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